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Players stand 15 steps away from a wall. Players take turns rolling one of their Bbuddieez up to the wall. Whoever’s Bbuddieez are closest to the wall after each player has rolled is the winner (and if you are playing for keeps, they win all of the Bbuddieez from that round).


To make the playing area, a hole is dug with the heel of a shoe to the depth of that heel.

The players stand upright about six inches from the hole and, facing away from the “puggy”*, randomly drop whatever stake of Bbuddieez is decided upon, usually three.

The players then shoot from a shooting line about ten feet away and attempt to propel these target Buddieez into the puggy, winning any Buddieez they shot/knocked in.

A player continues shooting until they miss.

*”Puggy”: The hole made by the heel during the setup of the playing area.


Any number of Bbuddieez are set up on the ground in a small area.


All the players take 15 steps in any direction and face the Bbuddieez that were just set up.


Players then take turns throwing their wristbands at the Bbuddieez.


Any of the Bbuddieez that are inside a player’s wristband (after all players have thrown) are theirs to keep.


If any Bbuddieez remain un-trapped, players take another 15 steps away and throw again.


The game is over when all of the Bbuddieez have been trapped.



Grab a bowl (or any container) and put it in the center of a circle of you and your friends.


Each of you should be about 8 steps away from the bowl.


Agree with your friends about how many turns each of you will have based on how many Bbuddieez you have with you.


Take turns tossing your Bbuddieez into the bowl, every time you get one in you get a point.


Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins!


"Chase Me"​

Player 1 shoots one of the Bbuddieez onto the playing field, which can be any area, preferably a longer one.

Player 2 then shoots one of his Bbuddieez to follow.

If the distance between the Bbuddieez is less than a step but more than a span, the shooter has the option of “Bombsies.”*
If the distance is a span, the same rules as Big Boss apply. 

If the Buddieez collide, Player 2 collects both Bbuddieez.
Otherwise Player 1 may pick up his Bbuddieez and shoot again.
*“Bombsies”: Pick Bbuddieez up and drop straight down from face level in an attempt to hit opponent's Bbuddieez. A successful strike wins the bomber one or more Bbuddieez.​

"Big Boss"​

Player 1 shoots one of the Bbuddieez onto the playing field, which can be any area.

Player 2 tries to hit the first player's Bbuddieez.

If Player 2 hits it, they collect both Bbuddieez.

If the two Buddieez are close enough, Player 2 can attempt to span* them.

If Player 2 misses, Player 1 may shoot at either Bbuddieez on the field.

 If either player collects the last Bbuddieez on the field, he or she must shoot a Bbuddieez for the next player to shoot at.
*“Span”: Place thumb on own Bbuddieez and index finger on opponent's Bbuddieez. Draw hand up while bringing fingers together. If the two Bbuddieez hit, collect both Bbuddieez.

"Rainbow Snake"​

The playing area is made by digging a series of 7 holes at different distances from one another. The holes shouldn't be in a line and can be different sizes and depths. Imagine the holes mark out a snake from head to tail.

Players take turns shooting at the holes in order from the head to the tail.

If a player gets a Bbuddieez into the proper hole, they earn another shot and continue their turn by shooting from any spot within a span of the hole. Players who miss shoot from wherever their Bbuddieez ends up.

When they have shot their Bbuddieez into all seven holes, a player shoots at all seven in reverse order, going backwards through the course.

Once a player has made it through all seven holes twice, they become a "rainbow snake"*.

If a black snake hits another player's shooter, that player is eliminated from the game. However, if a rainbow snake shoots their Bbuddieez into a hole, they are eliminated themselves.

The winner is the last player to remain in the game.

If you're playing on a hard surface or just want a different kind if game, use everyday objects like shoes, cups, trash cans or book instead of holes. A Bbuddieez is considered “in” as long as it hits that object, and players continue shooting from wherever the Bbuddieez stops rolling.

*"Rainbow Snake": Player who stops shooting at the holes and shoots at other players' Bbuddieez instead. There is no limit to the number of rainbow snakes in a game


The playing field is a dirt area with a small hole, one to two inches across in the middle and a taw line on one end.

The playing order is determined by a practice shot from the line towards the hole.

Whoever is closest or makes it into the hole is first.

One at a time, each player shoots their Bbuddieez toward the hole.

The first shot is from the line. All other shots are taken from where the Bbuddieez lands.

The goal is to get it into the hole so the player that makes it in can become "Poisoned." Only one player can be poisoned at a time (or more if playing in teams).

The Poisoned player gets another turn and tries to hit other player's Bbuddieez. If he hits someone, they are out and he shoots again until he misses.

If someone else gets a Bbuddieez in the hole, they become the new Poisoned player. Other players may hit each other as a part of their strategy. If they hit, they get to go again but no one is out, except in the case of “double shots.”

If a non-poisoned player hits the poisoned Bbuddieez, he is out.

The last Bbuddieez in play is the winner. They get to keep all the Bbuddieez that were in play from the beginning.

*"Double Shots": If, somehow, a player’s Bbuddieez hits the other Bbuddieez two times (if it hits and rolls up a hill and hits the same Bbuddieez while going down), they get to shoot their Bbuddieez two more times.

"Island Monster"​

The playing area is made by making a circle on the ground with a shoelace - you can tie the ends or just leave them touching.


Draw a “taw”* line about 10 feet away.

Each player gets 10 Bbuddieez and takes turns shooting or rolling their Bbuddieez at the circle from behind the taw line. Some Bbuddieez will get knocked into the ring by other Bbuddieez and others will get knocked out of it.

The player who ends up with the most Bbuddieez in the ring becomes the "monster." They can shoot from behind the taw line at any Bbuddieez outside the loop.

If they hit one, they keep it and continue shooting from where their shooter ended up.

Once they miss, the game is over. All unclaimed Bbuddieez go back to their owners.

*“Taw”: A starting line from which the Bbuddieez will be shot behind.


To make the playing area, a hole is dug with the heel of a shoe to the depth of that heel.

The players stand upright about six inches from the hole and, facing away from the “puggy”*, randomly drop whatever stake of Bbuddieez is decided upon, usually three.

The players then shoot from a shooting line about ten feet away and attempt to propel these target Buddieez into the puggy, winning any Buddieez they shot/knocked in.

A player continues shooting until they miss.

*”Puggy”: The hole made by the heel during the setup of the playing area.


The playing area is a square about 1 foot across. Each player randomly places a few bands as targets inside the square. A “lag”* line is created a few feet away from the far side of the square.

The one closest shoots first, and plays until he misses one of the bands. First shots must be taken from wherever the player lags to.

If a player hits one of the bands, they keep it and may shoot again.

Players can shoot at any of the Bbuddieez. In order for a Bbuddieez to be counted and kept, it has to be knocked out of the square completely.

*“Lag”: Players shoot from a lag line to see who comes closest to an agreed upon target (in this case the farthest line of the square created as the playing area). The closest player gets to go first.


The playing area is created by drawing four concentric circles on the ground, one inside the other. The largest circle should be about 8 feet across, and each smaller circle should be about two feet narrower than the last, so that there is a 2" circle in the center (the fort), surrounded by a 4 foot circle, a 6 foot circle, and then the outer 8 foot circle.

During setup each player puts 3 Bbuddieez in the fort, 2 Bbuddieez in the next circle out, and one Bbuddieez in the 3rd circle. The outer ring remains empty.

The first player shoots their Bbuddieez from anywhere outside the largest circle, aiming only at the Bbuddieez in the 3rd ring. If they knock a Bbuddieez out of the 3rd circle they keep it and their turn is over.

If they hit a Bbuddieez in any other ring out of its circle, they must return it to its original spot.

If they don't hit a Bbuddieez out of the third circle, they must pay one Bbuddieez into the fort and their turn is over. This penalty will continue throughout the game, no matter which ring a player is aiming at.

In any case, they leave the Bbuddieez they shot with wherever it lands. If it is outside the outer ring, they may shoot on their next turn from anywhere outside the circle.

Players may shoot at other players' shooters, but they don't keep them if they hit them.

If asked, a player must lift their shooter to allow another player a clear shot at one of the Bbuddieez placed as targets. They must replace the shooter in the same spot after the shot. Players continue until all Bbuddieez have been shot out of the third ring.

Play then continues with the next player aiming at the Bbuddieez in the 2nd ring. If a player hits a Bbuddieez in the 2nd ring, they are entitled to one extra shot. Even if the second shot hits another Bbuddieez, their turn is over after the second shot.

When all of the target Bbuddieez are cleared from the second ring, players begin shooting at the Bbuddieez in the fort.

Hitting a target Bbuddieez in the fort can give a player up to two extra turns, as long as they hit another Bbuddieez out on the second turn. When all the Bbuddieez are gone from the fort, the game is over.

The player with the most Bbuddieez wins.

"Drop Me"​​

The playing area is a square. Each side of the square should be about one medium step long.

Everybody playing scatters five Bbuddieez inside the square.

Players stand up outside the square with their toes just touching the line. They may lean in, but they may not straddle the corners or any part of the square.

Player then drops their shooter from above waist height onto the other players’ Bbuddieez in order to knock them out of the square.

 If a player knocks one of the Bbuddieez out of the square without the Bbuddieez they dropped also rolling out of the square at the same time, they keep dropping (and also keep the "victim" of their drop).

 If the player’s Bbuddieez rolls out, they can still keep their victim (or victims) but do not go again.


The playing field is a space of any size with a board with nine cutouts along one edge. The board is propped up on its edge to form nine archways. The numbers 6, 2, 3, 1, 5, 8, 7, 9, 4 are painted over the arches, one number over each arch. This is called an "arch-board."*

Players try to shoot through the holes and win the number of Bbuddieez indicated by the number above the hole. Any Bbuddieez which miss become the property of the board owner.


Variation: Players take turns shooting their Bbuddieez through the arches in numerical order. Arches that are shot through out of sequence don't count. A successful shoot through the correct arch entitles the shooter to an additional turn. First player to send his or her Bbuddieez through all nine holes in the correct order wins.


"Nine Holes​"​

The play area is made by constructing a miniature golf course from whatever materials are at hand.

Players take turns shooting their Bbuddieez around, through and/or over the obstacles they've built.

If a player knocks another player’s Bbuddieez off of the agreed play area of a given hole, that player gets to go a second time and the player who got knocked out may start from the nearest edge of that hole.

The first player to complete all nine holes wins.

"Bun Hole​"​

The playing field is set up by digging a one-foot wide hole in the center of a square or rectangle at least 7 big steps long on each side.

Players take turns attempting to get a Bbuddieez as close as possible to the hole without going in. First shots may be taken from any side, so long as it is outside the boundary of the play area.

Whoever’s Bbuddieez comes closest without going in wins a Bbuddieez from each player.

Knocking in an opponent's Bbuddieez is permitted. If a player can knock the closest Bbuddieez into the hole without knocking the Bbuddieez they shot with in, they may win the game (unless the next player succeeds in doing the same...in this game, you want to be the last to shoot!)

"Ring Taw​"​

To set up the playing field of this game, a circle with a 7 foot diameter needs to be made. Then a circle with a 1 foot diameter is made at the center of the outer circle.

During setup players decide how many Bbuddieez each will put in the inner circle.

The first player can shoot from any spot on the outer circle with their Bbuddieez, trying to knock one of the target Bbuddieez from the inner circle while keeping theirs in the outer ring.

If the player succeeds, they may go again. If they didn't the next player may go.

If a target Bbuddieez was knocked out of the inner circle but the shooter's Bbuddieez left the outer circle, the target Bbuddieez is replaced.

If a player hits somebody's Bbuddieez out of the inner circle, the next player may not hit that Bbuddieez again until another Buddieez is hit first.

The game is played until all the Bbuddieez are out of the inner circle. The player with the most Bbuddieez wins.

"Cherry Pit"​​

The playing field is set up by making a one-foot wide hole in the center of a ten-foot circle.

Each player places a number of Bbuddieez around the hole so that there is about a dozen Bbuddieez surrounding the hole.

Players take turns trying to knock Bbuddieez into the hole.

If a taw goes into the hole, the owner must forfeit a number of Bbuddieez and place them around the hole to 'buy back' his or her shooter Bbuddieez.

As long as Bbuddieez are knocked into the hole and the Bbuddieez being shot with remains in the outer ring, players may continue to shoot.

The winner is the last one with Bbuddieez outside of the inner circle.


The playing field is set up by digging a one foot wide whole an agreed upon distance from a taw line (longer distance = longer game).

Both players try to shoot their Bbuddieez into the one-foot hole.

If both go in, players start over.

If one player's Bbuddieez goes in and the other player's Bbuddieez doesn't, the player whose Bbuddieez went in scores ten points.

If neither player's Bbuddieez goes in, the first player now tries to hit the second player's Bbuddieez. If they hit it, they earn ten points and another chance to shoot their Bbuddieez into the hole for ten points.

If they miss the opponent's Bbuddieez, the second player tries to hit the first player's Bbuddieez for ten points. If they hit it then they can also try shooting their Bbuddieez into the hole for ten extra points.

Whenever a Bbuddieez goes into the hole both players start over from the taw line. Otherwise all shots are made from wherever the Bbuddieez stopped rolling.

The first player to reach one hundred points wins.